Prokupac glass

The perfect wine glass for Prokupac has a wide bowl and increased capacity, which provides an intense experience of wine's aromas and focuses on the wine's fruitiness and spicy hints.

A glass like this will soothe alcohol and bring about the wine's acidity balance.

Best choice: Pinot Noir glass.

Decanting and serving temperature

If possible, open and decant the bottle of Prokupac 30 to 60 minutes before serving.

Recommended serving temperature: 16-18° C.

Prokupac and food

Easy-drinking, fruit-forward Prokupac

Often compared to Pinot Noir, such Prokupac wines can predominantly be found in Šumadija or Belgrade wine region. Pairing: well-roasted pork i.e. pork shoulder with aromatic parmesan crust and herbs.

Prokupac showing lush structure and full body

It goes well with intense full-flavored dishes, such as venison Pörkölt, a rich, flavor-intense dish.

Medium-bodied Prokupac with slightly harder tannin structure and distinct notes of fruit and spices

Perfect pairing for this wine are wine-based dishes, such as beef ribs in red wine sauce.

Prokupac blended with Bordeaux varieties

The ideal pairing is a simple yet all-time favourite - roast duck drumsticks.